Guangzhou Proud Amusement Park Management System Settled in Africa

After more than a month of sea and land turbulence, the amusement park System with 27 passageways has finally arrived in Algeria.


This amusement park system fully takes into account the characteristics of underdeveloped network communication in Algeria, high temperature and humidity, large temperature difference between winter and summer, and the widespread use of Arabic among the people. It is a set of amusement park management system tailored for the African people.


The amusement park system management and recharge software is in English interface. The charging end of the gate is in Arabic, and the card is encrypted in multi-level mode, so it can not be copied. The switch terminal and the server communicate at 433MHz, without laying network wires and optical cables, and can be used normally only by energizing each switch. The consumer end can operate normally in the environment of off-line trawl. The consumption record is temporarily stored in the deduction end and uploaded to the server when the network is smooth.





Created on:2019-03-17 09:15
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